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Spicy Time on CTV

Spices and Herbs from all around the world. Mr. Arshed Aziz on CTV to represent Spicy Time on the program ...
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Visit of Honorable Prince of Malaysia high dignitary in 2015

Spicy Time have honored to serve honorable Prince of Malaysia high dignitary in 2015 and he really like the food ...
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Consumer Choice & Restaurant Award Series

From last 3 consecutive years Spicy Time has been winning ‘Consumer Choice Award’ for east Indian food at the region ...
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Best on ‘Trip Advisor’ & ‘Best Three Rated’

Spicy time have lots of awards and achievement under its name. One of best achievement of Spicy Time is to ...
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A Tantalising Buffet

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve been to a buffet before. Of course you have. Buffets are amazing. That ...
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